Winter 12/13

On 7 februari, 2014

Righton Tighton

Best clips from last season at Cardrona.

Featuring: Kerr McWilliam (UK), Luke Andrews (UK), Luke Hetzel (USA), Nicolino Dioli (ITA), Anna Fischer (SWE), Jamie Adams (NZ), Peter Speight (UK), Thubga Josayma (NZ) and Alexandro Veilleux (CAN).

Location: Cardrona Alpine Resort, New Zealand

Oct 25, 2013

Thubga Josayma at Cardrona SnowPark

Made this edit for my very good friend Thubga Josayma, who I met in Wanaka this winter season in New Zealand. This is his season edit from Cardrona SnowPark. Check it out!

You can watch the edit at and aswell.

Sponsors: Signal Snowboards, ThirtyTwo, Etnies, Capitahl, The Boardhouse, Ashbury and Howl.

Location: Cardrona Alpine Resort, New Zealand

Aug 28, 2013

Ninety Percent

After the winter in Sweden, me and my friend Anna went to Wanaka, New Zealand to feel the snow again. We met a lot of awesome people from all over the world and we made this edit for the Snow Film Festival in Wanaka.

Featuring: Nicolino Dioli (ITA), Victor Engarås (SWE), Jordan Lambeth (CAN), Lisi Eberle (SWI), Evald Muda (ITA), Luke Hetzel (USA), Alexandro Veilleux (CAN) and Anna Fischer (SWE).

Music: The Chainsmokers – Around Us (Facebook and Soundcloud)

Location: Wanaka and Cardrona Alpine Resort, New Zealand



Maj 15, 2013

Johan Wellerts Season Edit 12/13

Watch Johan killing it in this Django Unchained inspired edit from this winter season.

Check out his last year season edit here.

Location: Kläppen SnowPark, Sweden

Apr 29, 2013

Siege Mode

It’s spring time and time for a new edit! Featuring Niclas Edström, Frida Forslind, Johan Wellert, Elias Henderson, Viktor Höglund, Marcus Haemkin.

Location: Kläppen SnowPark, Sweden

Mar 10, 2013

Another Ghood Day with Thomas Johansson

Thomas is back with another edit. Watch his last season edit here.

Bring Out Boards

Location: Kläppen SnowPark, Sweden

Feb 13, 2013

Black and White

I made this edit from one day in Kläppen Snowpark with a lot of fresh snow. Featuring Bror Ax, Erika Kolbert, David Dennisson, Johan Wellert, Kim Boberg and Johan Lilja. Filmed by Robert Enqvist.

Location: Kläppen SnowPark, Sweden

Jan 10, 2013

December Lights

First edit for this winter season! Featuring Axel Höglund, Viktor Höglund, Peter Leimu, Thomas Johansson, Johan Wellert, Niclas Edström, Linus Krohn, Bror Ax and Marcus Haemkin.

Music: Johns Vatten – Samma Maskin

Location: Kläppen O’boy Park, Sweden